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March 13, 2019by admin2

Conversion Options:

​Despat have arrived at modular design and our best price-points to supply Lithium Polymer retrofit/ replacements for the Reva electric car.

We have 2 models of Retrofit Lithium polymer batteries with 2 years warranty

3600Whr Lithium polymer High Energy battery

Range : 42km

Time to charge : 2.5 Hours

Price Rs.1.40 lakhs

7200Whr Lithium polymer High Energy battery

Range : 85 km

Time to charge : 5 Hours

Price Rs.2.35 lakhs


​The above price is inclusive of Li-Po charger for this batteries, capable of

2.5 hours for the 45km range battery

5.0 hours for the 90km range battery


Videos of Team Despat’s Reva conversions – Project Reva to Super Long Distance EV Conversion – April 2017

To Evaluate Long distance inter-city travel on Electric 4 wheeler with minimum range of 300- 360Km by replacing Lithium ion Polymer as the sources of secondary Electrical storage.
The project named Endura 330, an attempt to drive a minimum distance of 330kms on a Singe charge of the battery
We have assembled a 30KWhr Lithium ion Polymer Battery, in 2007 model Reva model car which has DC drive electric motor. The new battery is designed to affix almost in the same foot print of the original Lead acid battery

Project Reva Conversion – October 2015
Team Despat was involved in a project where a Reva electric car which had a Lead Acid battery was converted to an electric car with Lithium-Polymer battery pack.

The converted Reva was installed with new Lithium Polymer battery.  There are no changes to the existing battery cover
New Battery Description: 48V/ 150Ah (25% Lesser capacity than original Lead Acid
New Battery Weight       : 70 Kg (75% lesser weight )
Updated Range : 100 km (Upgraded from 60 km)

This is reduced by weight of 210 Kgs.




  • Nagesh V

    September 22, 2019 at 4:17 am

    I have an old reva car, the battery is almost dead. Please let me know if you have any Li battery equivalent for it, if so what will be the specification and cost. I am in Bangalore.


  • Shoukath ali

    October 13, 2019 at 10:44 pm

    I like this model


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