Portable High Power Battery for
Engine Start Application

High Power & Light Weight Aircraft & Helicopter Engine Starter to replace traditional heavy Lead acid Trolley

Voltage: 25V (Nominal) II Range 21V – 28V

Capacity: 75Ah (Nominal)

Weight: 27Kg

Dimensions: 450mm * 350mm * 200mm approx.

Operating Temperature: -40C to +50C

Jerry Can – e Fuel
2.2 KWHr Lithium Polymer Battery

A Portable High Energy Bank in JERRY CAN form, proven for Low temperature operations through field tests over 4 years.

Voltage: 25V (Nominal) II Range 21V – 28V

Capacity: 75Ah (Nominal)

Weight: 18Kg

Dimensions: 490mm * 345mm * 165mm approx.

Operating Temperature: -40C to +50C

High Current (1200Amps) Battery system

Type of Battery: 1.1KWhr Lithium Polymer Battery System

Specification: 29.4V, 40Ah

Configuration: 7S 1P X 40 Ah cells

Operation: 10mins @ 200A

: 1 Sec @ 1800A

Dimension: 15CM X50 CM X 30 CM

Weight: 32Kg
D-Espat engaged in custom design through development of Lithium-Ion & Lithium Polymer Battery products. We have experience to execute Industrial, Mobility & Military grade battery projects from concept-through-completion. We are nimble with prototype / pilot production capabilities.


Our assistance includes participation i qualification requirements and certification procedures.