We offer Design & Development of Lithium ion batteries. Our business expertise comprises comprehensive system integration for single cell to large scale custom batteries.
We design, develop and custom pack batteries with Electronic Battery Protection, Management and Control features for portable applications that demand specific energy needs for performing in dynamic environments.

Understanding the Energy Storage needs

Let us know the power requirement for your host device, the play time you desire and dimensional limitations allocated for the battery.

We’ll build an optimal layout, with lowest footprint and weight while maximising operating time for your host equipment.

Clients requiring longer run time, better life and more power have converted to our packs for the reliability and safety expected in such applications.

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Concept Generation

3 Dimensional Sketches

Volume- Planning for highest density energy

3 Dimensional Sketches

Layouts to meet operational and performance parameters

3 Dimensional Sketches

Engineering the Design

1. Cells Finalization,
2. PCB ,
3. Electrical and Power control component ,
4. Mechanical design
5. Virtual and physical analysis for Functional,Thermal, Quality and Mechanical integrity
6. Tooling for prototype and sample production
7. Standardization

Layouts to meet operational and performance parameters

3 Dimensional Sketches

•Mold design / Metal tools

•Packaging & full Integration

•Testing and Reports
D-Espat engaged in custom design through development of Lithium-Ion & Lithium Polymer Battery products. We have experience to execute Industrial, Mobility & Military grade battery projects from concept-through-completion. We are nimble with prototype / pilot production capabilities.


Our assistance includes participation i qualification requirements and certification procedures.